• Protecting your estate for those your love
    Protecting your estate for those your love
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Why Do I Need a Will?

If we are being honest with ourselves, very few of us like to think about making a will. Nonetheless, for the sake of those left behind – our loved ones, our family and our friends, it is essential that the RIGHT will is made, and kept securely.

Many of us work very hard and want to ensure that the maximum possible goes to those we love when the time comes. But the typical assumption “it will all go my nearest and dearest anyway” just may not be true.

Without a will ….

The Government decides who inherits everything you have worked for!

With a will …

YOU decide who gets what, who does what, and who does not!>

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Midlands Legal Services supports the work of The Myton Hospices. For every will or associated document written by us, a donation is made to The Myton  Hospices.