Helping Protect The Family Home

For many of our clients, the family home is by far their biggest asset. It is the one thing above all others they have worked for, and they want to ensure that it is protected for their loved ones for years to come. However remarriage – or long term residential care – are very real dangers.

It has been estimated that up to 70,000 family homes are sold every year to pay for long term care; that’s over 190 every day! And with the cost of care running at anything from £400 to £800 per week, the family home could be sold to pay for that care, decimating the inheritance that many people may have wished to have left to their loved ones.

It is suggested that around 1 in 5 men – and 1 in 3 women – will need residential care at some time in their lives. And when that time comes, the person’s ability to pay is based on his/her assets – including the family home. No wonder many people are so very concerned about losing this most important of assets.

However, there IS something that can be done. With the RIGHT will, incorporating a specific trust, it is possible to do all you can safely and legally, to protect your home and other assets for your loved ones. Protection for you and protection for your family.

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