• Protecting your estate for those your love
    Protecting your estate for those your love
  • Easy and friendly to deal with
    Easy and friendly to deal with

Thinking about making a Will?

If we are being honest with ourselves, very few of us like to think about making a will. Nonetheless, for the sake of those left behind – our loved ones, our family and our friends, it is essential that the RIGHT will is made, and kept securely.

Many of us work very hard and want to ensure that the maximum possible goes to those we love when the time comes. But the typical assumption “it will all go my nearest and dearest anyway” just may not be true and all your hard work may end up literally wasted so now is the time is consider making a will.

Without a will ….

The Government decides who inherits everything you have worked for!

With a will …

YOU decide who gets what, who does what, and who does not!>

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making a Will Midlands Legal Services supports the work of The Myton Hospices. For every will or associated document written by us, a donation is made to The Myton  Hospices.

Food For Thought

You might want your estate divided amongst friends, relatives and charities of your choosing and in the proportions you want. It is important that you look into making a Will to show what you want to happen with your assets.

Making a Will rather than assuming that “my other half will get everything”. Brothers, sisters or parents may have a claim. Often your children also have a right to part of your estate. If you are living as a couple but not officially married, you may be treated as a single person and a surviving partner may get nothing at all. The best way to ensure there are no arguments and disputes is to use a professional Will Writing Service. You don’t want ferocious disputes going on at a time when the family should be coping with the loss of a loved one.

You should consider who you would like to look after your children in the event of your death. This is particularly important in the case of one parent families or unmarried parents living together. Making a Will and nominating guardians is invaluable in such cases. It is important to discuss these matters should the worst case scenario happen. If no one knows what you would have wanted, the Court will decide on the future of your children, and it may not be what you or your children would have wished.

Maybe you made a Will a long time ago. It probably needs updating to include additional grandchildren or deletion of persons you no longer feel you wish to leave anything to. You may have inherited a lot of money which you would like distributed upon your death.

We advise reviewing your Will every 2-5 years to take into account changes in circumstances.