What kind of will is right for me?

One thing is certain, in the field of wills, trusts and probate, one size does not fit all! A simple, basic will enables you to state where you want your estate to pass, who you wish to act as executors and a few basic funeral instructions. However, depending on your circumstances, this may not provide the protection you or your loved ones may need when the time comes. The RIGHT will can help ensure that the MAXIMUM passes to those you love, and the absolute MINIMUM going to others.

The right will for you … helping to protect those you love

A comprehensive will, containing powerful trusts, can help ensure that, whatever your circumstances, the absolute maximum passes to those you love. Listed below area a few areas where bespoke wills, with specific trusts, can help offer this valuable protection:

  • Young children or grandchildren can be protected, by appointing the right people to manage their inheritance

  • Your family home and/ or other assets can be protected in case of long-term residential care, or remarriage.

  • Inheritance Tax can be minimized – hopefully eliminated altogether.

  • A partner/ child can be given the freedom to remain living in a family home for a set time (or until his/ her death), although not inheriting the property outright.


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